Business/ Trade

Business/ Trade

Company strategy

  • Long-term partnership
  • Specialization
  • Stability
  • General contracts
  • Customization – individual approach

Customer services

  • Special payment conditions - there are valid general Sales and Purchasing terms in the actual version presented at our website. The special ones are always a matter of further individual agreements between AUDACIO and our partners. The payments are normally in the CZK or EUR currency.
  • Consignment stock - to assure a maximal buying comfort to our clients it is not exceptional for us to create a consignment stock in the preferred location.
  • Guarantee - this is a frequently used service for some of our clients. The basic principle is keeping of the safety stock of crucial products in an agreed amount for the client, so that the continuity of service is guaranteed.
  • Testing series - the possibility to produce minimal industrial batches beside the large ones, because it is not always possible for the clients to order the whole year consumption quantity. We also participate on the long-term projects in the automotive, where the testing series are a matter of course.
  • Quality guarantee – reaching of the highest quality is a commonplace due to not only process way of management in our company, but also due to certificates of quality and highly professional equipment of our metrology and used techniques. To assure the highest quality, in some cases we also co-operate with testing Laboratories of University of Technology in Brno, CZ
Sales terms

Contact information


Veveří 111, 616 00 BRNO
Czech Republic

tel. +420 544 238 240
fax +420 544 234 669


Nádražní 1290/44,
Czech Republic

tel. +420 534 008 111
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